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Post Series: League of Legends for NOOBS, Part One- Basic Terminology

-opens the door and drops a large blue bucket, filled with cleaning supplies, on the floor, kicking up a puff of dust- Greetings and salutations, readers! -looks around at all of the dust thats gathered- Yeah.  I know.  Long neglected blog is long neglected.  But, life does tend to interrupt with great frequency and vigor. … Continue reading

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Inquisitor Aura, Girl Geek

I am the standard (and apparently RARE) breed of human known as the 'female geek,' enjoying a wide variety of nerdy things, including comic books, video games, and cosplay, who's husband does nothing to curb her enthusiasm for all things game and geek related (he, in fact, ENCOURAGES my insanity. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!)

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